Critical Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs

Hello again everyone! I’m Cary from Best Quality Roofers Osoyoos back again for another episode of Best Quality Roofers TV. Today, I’m going to talk to you about Critical Signs Of A Failing Roof

You can avoid costly repairs by keeping a close eye on your roof. Learn how to spot problems with these seven danger signs before they severely impact your wallet.

Number 1: A leak in the attic.

You can take a look in the attic for signs of leaking after a wind-driven rain or strong storm. Ice dams can cause water to enter your home if you don’t have a proper shingle underlayment or if the flashing (the steel or aluminum used over roof joints like chimneys and pipes) has deteriorated.

Number 2: Blistering or peeling interior or exterior paint.

The cause for paint that peels off is most likely the trapped moisture in the house due to high humidity or excess temperature from poor attic ventilation. The air in the attic must flow freely from the soffit to the ridge to reduce humidity. Make sure that there is a vent in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. Also, dryers must vent outside.

Number 3: Stains on interior ceilings and walls; mold or mildew growth.

The stains and mold growth inside your home may be caused by inadequate or faulty shingle underlayment which is allowing water to get into the house. Inadequate ventilation which causes excessive moisture can also be the culprit, conditions which help mold and mildew to thrive.

Number 4: Exterior decay, sheeting, and/or siding.

Any condition that results in excess moisture such as poor attic ventilation can contribute to decay. One way to fix the problem is to create a vapor barrier between the insulation and the house which can decrease the amount of moisture that goes into a wall.

Number 5: Missing, cracked, or curled shingles.

If your shingles are dry or practically break when touched, it means that it is time to invest in a new roof.

Number 6: Dark, “dirty-looking” areas on your roof.

It could mean that your roof has vegetation, mold, fungus, or algae growth, or that the protective granules of the shingles have been lost. It does not mean that you need to replace your roof, but these stains can reduce the appeal. You can clean the shingles, but that could shorten their life.

Number 7: Excessive energy costs.

Insufficient attic ventilation can be a possible cause of higher cooling costs because it requires the cooling system to run excessively. Inadequate ventilation will trap hot air in the attic in warm weather, causing the air-conditioning systems to work harder. This will leave your home’s interior hotter and less comfortable. Moisture in the attic can become trapped and condense on the rafters in both hot and cold weather if it is not insulated correctly. This moisture can drip down to the insulation and reduce its effectiveness and increase energy costs.

If you have concerns about any of these items, give us a call at Best Quality Roofers Osoyoos or visit our website to find out more.

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7 Red Flags That You May Need A New Roof

Hey there everyone! I’m Cary Blackburn from Best Quality Roofers Kelowna. On this episode of Best Quality Roofers TV, I’m going to tell you about seven signs that may indicate you need a new roof. Most people don’t think about the roof on their Kelowna home until it starts leaking. It is a terrible idea to ignore your roof until you have buckets all over the house to collect the leaking water. Here are seven signs that you can look for before this happens.

Look Inside Your Attic

If you think that your roof has reached its maximum lifespan and it needs to be replaced, you don’t need to climb up on the roof to inspect it. Instead, start in the attic. When you get into the attic, turn off the lights. If you see beams of light coming through the roof, it is a bad sign. If you notice stains and streaks on the ceiling of the attic or the plywood sheeting, those are also signs that you need to have your roof replaced.

Check Your Files

If you want to know if your roof has reached its maximum lifespan, you can simply look through your home improvement records. If you know when the roof was installed, you can determine whether or not it needs to be replaced. A typical asphalt shingle roof can last for 20 to 25 years and sometimes longer here in Kelowna because we don’t get as much rain. If your roof was installed over the old roof, you shouldn’t go longer than 20 years.

Check the Shingles

A healthy roof will have shingles that lie down flat. If you notice that shingles are missing, buckling, or the edges are curling, you may need to have the roof repaired or replaced. It is a good idea to check the roof after a big storm. You should also check your gutters and downspouts. Shingles have a black, rock-like coating called granules. These granules are designed to protect the shingles from cracking under the extreme heat from the sun that we can get here in Kelowna in the summer. If you notice black debris in your gutters or downspouts, it means that the granules are wearing off which is normal during the lifespan of your roof. If you have a lot of granules in your gutter, you should have your roof inspected.


The flashing around the skylights, chimney, and the vents seal up the seam so that water cannot leak into the home. It is a good idea to inspect the flashing for breaks or cracks that could result in leaks. If you live in an older house, your flashing could be made of cement or tar.
If this is the case, you should consider having it replaced with metal flashing for added strength and protection.

Roof Rot

If your roof is sagging or if it is droopy, it should be replaced before it causes damage inside the home or your roof completely collapses. You should also check the sheeting and trusses for rot and check the surface for signs of trapped water.

Roof Moss

It is not uncommon for moss to grow in the far corner of your yard, however, if there is moss growing on the roof it could be a sign of trouble. This means it’s possible that there is moisture trapped in the roof which can destroy it. To remove moss that has grown on the roof, use a stiff brush or pick it off with your hand. However, make sure that you don’t create any other issues in the process or end up falling off of your roof. Please, be careful if you ever go on your roof.

Finally, Don’t Panic

If you notice a few rotted shingles or a small leak in the home, don’t panic. If your roof was installed correctly and it is younger than 15 years old, chances are you need a simple roof repair rather than a complete roof replacement. If you aren’t sure the best course of action to take, you should give us a call at Best Quality Roofers Kelowna to get an opinion from a professional. That’s it for this episode of Best Quality Roofers TV. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more episodes and more tips for your roof.

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