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If you have a steeply sloping roof, then shingle may well be your best option. The individual pieces which are usually flat and rectangular in shape overlap, with each new row slightly overlapping the one below. Whether you are looking for the best treatment for residential roofing or commercial roofing, you can easily find shingles in a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles and materials.

Your Best Quality Roofers can advise you on what to buy, and the warranty which can range from 20 years to the life of the product.

Flat Roofs

The applications described below will meet most waterproofing requirements, making them ideal for a roof with a low slope.

Build Up Roofing – reliable and been around for a long time.

Modified Bitumen – excellent waterproofing properties.

EPDM Systems – able to adequately withstand just about any stress created by nature, thanks to its stability.

TPO / PVC – Extremely resistant to ultraviolet lighting, and have superior weatherproofing properties.

Single Ply

If you need a durable, strong and flexible commercial or residential roof, single ply may be the answer. Many different types of roofing product can be called single ply, although all are characterized by being high quality, versatile in how they are attached, meaning they have many uses.

These sheets of synthetic material are produced in a factory and are subjected to the most stringent quality checks.